Online Writing Contest Winners

June 2014
Gachy Ultimo Jr. - Rory The Monkey

There was a monkey named Rory. He was smart and had diplomas, trophies, degrees ect ... He was so proud of himself but he didn't know one thing. His life was about to change. This is his storyÖ One day I was at my mansion relaxing. Then I received a call from my college teacher, Mr. White. He said, there was a spelling bee. He asked if I wanted to attend it. I said yes. He said there was a tongue twister question at the end. Then he said be ready by next week. I didn't bother getting ready. I just sat there and played because I knew I would win. A week passed, I called my butler to bring me to the spelling bee. He said he would be there in five minutes. When I arrived in the limousine I was scared I would lose so I started practicing spelling words. I got there just in time. Mr. White slapped me in the back because he said I was a minute late and my watch was wrong. Then Mr. White started of by asking us to spell-designator. I pressed my button and got it right. I got everything else right like I predicted. There was one question left, the tongue twister. We were supposed to say very fast, peter-parker-pickle-peppers. I pressed my button and said, peeper-marker-pick-peter. They said I was wrong and Mr. White gave me a stern look. I could tell he was mad at me. I can't blame him I was mad at myself. The girl monkey Makayla next to me won. After that Mr. White called me to his office. He yelled, what happend! DO YOU KNOW YOU WERE REPRESENTING THE COLLEGE! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF! As a punishment Mr. White took my college diploma away and took me to visit a tongue twister school. It was a terrible sight. I saw monkey kids get punished severely if they said a tongue twister wrong. They were forces to walk on two legs to help them think on their feet. He told me until I am good at tongue twisters he wouldn't give it back. I was so mad. I was going to call the monkey cops. But I had no choice. So I walked to my mansion by foot. Once I got there I started saying tongue twisters. Each one I said the computer said it was wrong. I started to get frustrated. I tried to calm down but couldn't so I decided to take a walk around the park. Once I stepped foot inside the park every monkey made fun of me. They said I was dumb. They said words to me until I had word scares. I had to go to the hospital because when my butler came to pick me up he said they were very severe word scares. The doctor said I had to rest for 3 days and not to move too much or I would damage my skin. From that day forth I never went to the park. My dad, Mr. Joe the monkey and my mom Mrs. Madison came from their vacation to see me. They said they heard the news. My father said I should have never went to the park. Then my mom started to defend me. My parents both disagreed for 2 hours straight without a bathroom break. I was about to scream be quiet but I had an idea I persuaded them to stop arguing. My father was still mad he said he would help me next time this happens. He said he would teach me how to say tongue twisters. 6 months passed I was awesome at saying tongue twisters. Mr. White didnít believe me so he tested me. I said everything right. He gave me my diploma back. He said maybe next year you could win. THE END.

June 2013
Anne Luhmann - The Uprising Cake Aritist

The excitement of the upcoming competition has my heart beating faster than I thought possible. This year Iím competing in the "Uprising Cake Artist" competition. They give you a theme, and then you have four hours to make a cake that fits the theme. The winner gets $10,000, and an internship at the worldís most famous bakery, Sweet Stuff. There are five competitors. Itís the day before the contest. Iím so excited, yet so nervous. I wake up ready to compete. Itís about to start. The judges are ready to tell us the theme. The theme is. . . Reading! What a great topic since I love to read. Iím going to have a stack of bright colored books with a girl sitting on top reading a book. Whew! Itís over. The four hours went by so fast. The judges come by to review our work. They are ready to announce the winner. Itís me! I won! All my hard work paid off. I will start my internship next month. In the mean time I will donate some of my prize money to a charity and by some new baking tools with the rest.

June 2012
Brandon Ashley - An Honor Student's Dream

Hello Arthur J. Turner Jr. Foundation, I am one of the participants from the February 17, 2012 Spelling Bee Competition. I humbly request another opportunity to participate in the upcoming championship challenge on April 20th, 2012. I am still in pursuit to expanding my vocabulary and further my education through every opportunity that I am blessed with. I am a young man who knows how important education is and, how knowledge can open doors and create opportunities. In this day and age there are not enough role models. When I participated in your previous Spelling Bee several of my peers gained confidence when they saw me make it to the fourth round. They felt they could participate in any opportunities they were offered. My dream is to go to college and continue to learn to pursue my ultimate dream of becoming a United States Marshall. I would just like to say thank you for giving back to the community. Thank you for giving us students an opportunity to participate in a positive forum. Sincerely, Brandon A.

September 2011
Michelle Shao - The Adventure to Yellowstone

We enjoy the family outings, especially the... excursion to Yellowstone National Park because we created lasting memories. As soon as we alighted off the plane at Salt Lake City Int'l Airport, we got a foretaste of this soon-to-begin adventure. When we got to Yellowstone, our breaths were taken away. There were beautiful animals like bison and deer. We even had the joy of experiencing a humongous bison coming towards our car as we screamed and laughed with both exhilaration and fright. As we traveled deeper into Yellowstone, we got to see Old Faithful Geyser erupt and hear everybody's ooh's and aah's as streams of smoke and water sprayed everywhere, leaving warmness and a sulfur smell behind. We then explored other trails and marveled at a small geyser that sprays cold water on you then dries you off with warm steam, just like your average hair dryer. Finally, as night arrived with her shadowy cloak and glowing moon, we got exhausted and went back to our hotel. After a relaxing swim in the indoor pool, I lay down in bed, thinking about the day's escapades as I drifted off into my sweet dreams.