About the Arthur J. Turner Scholarship Foundation


The mission of the Arthur J. Turner Jr. Scholarship Foundation is to continue to develop and strengthen the goal set forth during its formation, which was to honor our eldest son Arthur J. Turner Jr. who died from a “rare” childhood cancer (Osteosarcoma).

The fundamental purpose is to provide a one-time monetary award to underprivileged, low income graduating high school students whose desire is to further embark on their educational endeavors, but find it a hardship to pursue their dream.

The fund was initially established to service the community where “Arthur Jr.” lived but is now envisioned as a foundation, a viable 501 (c)(3) non-profit tax –exempt organization, and an organization which will successfully expand capabilities to service more students in need through grants, donations and fundraising events.

It is further our mission not just to support those qualifying individuals with “scholarship awards”, but also to embark on a grassroots project to help the children in the community develop the reading, writing and math skills they need to complete their basic education, through the creation of “help” programs within well-established community centers and churches.

Statistics have proven that the younger a child is challenged educationally the better chances they will have to develop strong study habits and discipline skills to help them enjoy learning which will enhance their desire to remain focused in school. This in turn will allow them to further their education beyond their primary skills and pursue higher education, at which point the AJTJSF will be a resource of help.


It has been the vision of the founders of the Arthur J. Turner Jr Scholarship fund to provide a one-time only monetary award to as many graduating high seniors as possible who meet the criteria of financial need through (low income guidelines) with the aspirations and ambitions to further embark in their educational endeavors but find such a dream a financial burden for themselves and their families.

Our program has focused on persuading these individuals to just get started and allow their own motivations to inspire their dreams. The “fund” that has been established has provided and assisted to date (25) students to follow their dreams.

Our founders now envision a greater need to expand in “honoring and remembering” our son Arthur Jr., who died from a rare form of bone cancer at the precious age of 17 years old, with dreams and aspirations that were never fulfilled due to his sickness and death. His dreams and ambitions are what continue to motivate our family to reach out to others so that through their desired dreams no matter how difficult they may seem, they are achievable through determination and the desire to reach after them.

We are now transitioning the fund into a foundation (The Arthur J.Turner Jr. Scholarship Foundation). Under the banner of @ 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax exempt status, our organization will have a broader spectrum of resources available to further assist in meeting the financial needs of desired students through government grants, donations, corporations, and other non-profit organizations. We will also be in a position to sponsor more fund raising events like the Arthur J. Turner Jr. Scholarship 5k Run/Walk, which is currently hosted annually through the continued support and sponsorship of the City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Department since 1992.

As a result of our dedication to challenge these students to pursue their dreams, all (25) of the individuals who have received scholarships from the fund have gone on to higher education and have either accepted admittance to the educational institute of their choice, or graduated from the educational institute of their choice, and some have even gone on to pursue post-graduate education. Our foundation is motivated to continue a legacy that will honor and remember the inspirations of Arthur Jr., provide and encourage leadership in our youth and assist them in pursuing their dreams...